G.V.S. – on the pulse of the disposal of hazardous waste for several decades

The company is founded. It is given the name G.V.S. in the year 1984 as GVS Gesellschaft für die Verbrennung auf See mbH & Co. KG [company for incineration at sea]. Start of tank farm operations at the port of Rheinau, Mannheim.
Incineration at sea ends in the Federal Republic of Germany, with the country now having sufficient specialist waste disposal facilities on land for liquid and organic solvents. Subsequently, G.V.S. decisively expands its range of services for the disposal of hazardous waste, focusing on its core business of tank farm operations.
Integration of the Mannheim-based activities of WESTAB and expansion of the range of services.
Change in the company name to G.V.S. Gesellschaft für die Verwertung von Sonderabfällen mbH & Co. KG [company for the recycling of hazardous waste].
Relocation of the head offices to Mannheim, with the administrative HQ of G.V.S. based on Friesenheim island ever since. The shareholders of G.V.S. are Süd-Müll GmbH & Co. KG in Heßheim and HIM GmbH in Biebesheim.
Handling of the first ship delivery with liquid hazardous waste in our tank farm. Completion of the handling logistics with road tanker truck, tank container, rail tank wagons and inland waterway vessels.