If you request our support with the disposal of your hazardous waste, we will consistently strive to take the burden off you. For this reason we invest a considerable amount of time and effort in quality assurance.

As a certified waste disposal company for the storage, treatment, transport, retail and broking of waste, we satisfy both the legal standards for the loop economy and the regulations regarding waste disposal companies. Our processing facility has official approval and we are permitted to issue disposal certificates without having to involve the authorities. This makes it easier for both you and us to dispose of hazardous waste.

Every year we provide proof that our company satisfies the requirements of the regulations applicable to waste disposal companies on the basis of monitoring and repeat audits by the EdDE (the association of waste disposal companies in the German waste disposal sector).

Our QM system forms the basis of our certification as a waste disposal company in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001-2008. We have been optimising our internal and external processes according to this international standard since 1999, and it is inspected accordingly by independent experts every year.

Our company laboratory is an important part of our quality assurance concept. 
Every delivery which is made to our processing facility is tested and analysed in our laboratory prior to acceptance. This means that we only accept approved materials and that we always take the principles of both workplace safety and systems safety into consideration.

Regular inspections of our tank farm stocks and the subsequent analysis of every outgoing delivery provides our buyers with the required certainty and confidence in the quality of the materials.