At our processing facility in the port of Mannheim-Rheinau which is approved according to the Federal Emission Control Act (BlmSchG) and has a total volume of almost 7,000 m³ across several tanks, we have been handling and processing liquid waste since the 1980s. Due to our incorporation in the safety and monitoring concept of Inter Terminals Mannheim GmbH (formerly Simon Tanklager-Gesellschaft), a safety standard at the highest of levels is consistently guaranteed.

Our buyers from the cement, lime and steel industry and from other industrial combustion facilities, value the consistent and defined materials quality just as much as the security of supply in terms of the agreed volumes.

Waste origin

We specialise in the disposal of hazardous waste from every sector, especially from the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, plastics and metal processing industries.

This includes, for example, waste

from inorganic chemical processes:

  • used acids
  • used alkaline solutions
  • used salts and their solutions

from organic chemical processes

  • the production of organic base chemicals
  • the production of plastics
  • the production of paint and varnish

from the paint and varnish industry

  • old varnish and paint
  • colour pigmentation
  • organic solvents

from printing firms

  • printing ink residues
  • paint sludge
  • organic solvents and cold cleaning products    

from the metal processing industry

  • used acids
  • used alkaline solutions
  • used salts and their solutions

from the car industry

  • solid oil-contaminated fuels
  • oil filters
  • oil and grease separator residues
  • used oils

from the electronics industry

  • pesticides
  • PCB-contaminated capacitors

from contaminated sites

  • contaminated ground and construction waste
  • hazardous construction waste
  • foundry waste and grit