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Who are we?

Who are we?

The company

From the initial consultation, through to the handling of sophisticated waste management concepts: G.V.S. Gesellschaft für die Verwertung von Sonderabfällen mbH & Co. KG are your specialists for hazardous waste and solvents. With two strong parent companies by our side (Süd-Müll GmbH & Co. KG/Willersinn Group and HIM GmbH/Indaver Group), we have been entrusted with the management of hazardous waste on behalf of industry, commerce, households and municipalities throughout Europe for more than 40 years.

Waste management is much more than the actual treatment of waste. First of all, waste management requires the willingness to take responsibility.

- Ralf Ebersbach, Vertriebsleiter, G.V.S. GmbH & Co. KG

26 experts at our Mannheim location are responsible for the proper and professional management of 100,000 tonnes of waste per year. The administration of the network is based at the G.V.S. headquarters on Friesenheimer Insel. The operational waste management takes place at our facility at Mannheim-Rheinau Harbour, which is licensed according to the German Federal Emissions Control Act (BImSchG). With a total volume of almost 7,000 m³ in several tanks, we have been managing liquid hazardous waste here, frequently in the form of solvents, since the early 1980s. For this purpose, in addition to the company’s operating laboratory and tank farm, a transshipment terminal for tankers, two rail sidings and filling platforms for road tankers are available.

We are a team of 26.
Yet we are still the same.

- Jens Paßmann, Managing Director -

Who are we?

The team

Strong. Highly motivated. And exceptionally industry-savvy. The G.V.S. team is a strong mix of 26 dedicated professionals: young colleagues and those with more experience, experts from the areas of operations and administration. Regardless of the chemical, technical or commercial qualification required for the professional management of or commerce with hazardous waste, the G.V.S. team is united by a shared understanding of their task: G.V.S. does not take a uniform approach to orders. With each batch, we pull out all the stops to develop and implement the best possible solution for the specific individual project. And we always act in the here and now. 

In this context, our strong teamwork enables economic, ecological and legal factors to be considered in the right balance at all times. Every day anew.

G.V.S. strives to create an atmosphere of mutual respect in all of its projects, right from the very start. This not only applies to the discussions with external stakeholders such as customers, partners and public authorities, it also shapes the way that we work together in-house. After all, anyone who works for G.V.S. has soft skills that come with the job – they have their feet on the ground, as well as a sense of responsibility and empathy. In return, as a reliable employer with stable economic conditions, G.V.S creates planning security and provides the decisive plus in terms of personal quality of life.

Personal appreciation requires discussions on an equitable basis. That’s what we can do. And that’s what we do.

- Jens Paßmann, Geschäftsführer, G.V.S. GmbH & Co. KG
Who are we?

Our aspiration

As a certified waste management company, we address the greatest possible challenge in the raw materials business: the recycling and management of hazardous waste. This requires special skills, capacities and virtues – of which perseverance is one, as there is a solution for every hazardous waste problem, regardless of its complexity. Talk to us about it.

If anyone can transform potentially hazardous waste into a new raw material on a value-adding basis, it’s us. Because we can and because we want to.

- Luke Protz, Chemical Engineer, G.V.S. GmbH & Co. KG

As a company for the management of and commerce with hazardous waste, we have been working to return recyclable resources to the circular economy for more than 40 years. Eliminating the risk potential through thermal recovery is and remains a secondary option. With our aspiration for the environmentally friendly treatment and forced recovery of hazardous waste, we are among the pioneers of the mega-trend in sustainability, which takes a simple realisation into account: On a finite planet, raw materials only exist to a limited extent. Therefore, the recycling of hazardous waste is also to be considered as compulsory. We are not alone in this premise for action – on the contrary, with public awareness for climate neutrality, industrial zero-waste concepts and the EU Green Deal, sustainability has arrived at the heart of society as a guiding principle.

The GVS team
Jens Paßmann
Managing Director
Ralf Ebersbach
Sales Manager

Your contact persons

Our history

G.V.S. – at the cutting edge of the management of hazardous waste for several decades

The company is founded as GVS Gesellschaft für Verbrennung auf See mbH & Co. KG. Start of tank farm operations at the Rheinau Harbour in Mannheim.
Start of tank farm operations at the Rheinau Harbour in Mannheim
The Federal Republic of Germany finally discontinues the incineration of waste at sea, as qualified waste management facilities for liquid organic solvents are now also available on land. G.V.S. subsequently consistently expands its range of services in the field of the management of hazardous waste surrounding the core business of tank farm operations.
Integration of the operations of WESTAB Mannheim and expansion of its range of services
Change of the company name to G.V.S. Gesellschaft für die Verwertung von Sonderabfällen mbH & Co. KG
Relocation of the registered office to Mannheim, where G.V.S. has had its administrative headquarters on Friesenheimer Insel ever since. The shareholders of G.V.S. are Süd-Müll GmbH & Co KG in Heßheim and HIM GmbH in Biebesheim.
Handling of the first ship-based delivery of liquid hazardous waste at our tank farm. Completion of transshipment logistics by road tanker, tank container, rail tank car and barge.